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What are FIR and how them works

Beausan FIR product has been realized utilizing Beausan FIR technology. Infrared Rays emitted by the body are naturally reflected thanks to mineral additives of natural origin contained in the yarn. Transpirability, termoregulation, bacteriostaticity and wash resistance are only a few features of this fabric. Scientific studies have demonstrated an increased production of collagene, helping to reduce the formation of cellulite. For sportspeople, it enhances the elasticity of the muscles for better performance during activity and muscle recovery after exercise. It also slows the increase of lactate in the blood and consequently the anaerobic threshold comes more slowly, making it possible to last longer the physical activity. Dress properties are permanent and don’t vanish over the time.

Convert the natural energy of the body in Far Infrared Rays

It reflects the heat towards the epidermal tissues

Il calore delicato emesso dalle fibre ha effetti provati in vantaggi cosmetici, tra cui un miglioramento della struttura della pelle, modellamento del corpo ed effetti energizzanti e rivitalizzanti

The gentle heat emitted by the fibers has proven effects in cosmetic advantages, including improvements in the structure of the skin, body shaping, energizing and revitalizing effects

Better Oxigenation

Efficiency of the performance

Increased anaerobic threshold

Extended peak performance

Increased training duration

Long lasting physical activity

Delayed production of lactic acid

Reduced muscle pain during performance